TabsDesigner. Generic widgets designer for Sitefinity CMS.

No more time spent on creating widget designers in Sitefinity. TabsDesigner auto-generates your widgets configuration UI, handling different property types, validation, content selectors and more.

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Rich UI

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auto-generated widget designer

Auto-generated widget designers

TabsDesigner automatically generates user friendly visual interface for various configurations one might need in Sitefinity widgets. 

  • Text fields with regular expression validation and rich text support.
  • Boolean, date and time and integer settings out of the box.
  • Numeric values with formatting options provide full control over user input of decimal numbers.
  • Multiple and single choice selectors with predefined or dynamic sets of values. List box selector introduce order among selected values.
rich user interface widget designer

Rich configuration UI

Out-of-the-box selectors allow to reference various Sitefinity content in your custom widgets.

  • Pages
  • Taxa
  • Sitefinity media
  • Generic content
easy to use widget designer

Declarative approach

Once you set TabsDesigner as your widgets designer you are ready to start adding UI components in the designer just by setting the predefined TabsDesigner attributes to your controls public properties. Our plugin will generate the various value selectors for you and apply the selected values to the widget properties.

	DesignerViewTitle = "Campaign settings")]
   public string Title { get; set; }
   [JsonMediaSelector("Campaign images",
	MediaType = MediaType.Image,
	DesignerViewTitle = "Campaign settings")]
   public string Screenshots { get; set; }

   [Numeric("Prices from",
        Description = "Campaign promo prices low (euro)",
        DecimalSeparator = ".",
        GroupSeparator = " ",
        GroupSize = 3,
	DesignerViewTitle = "Campaign settings")]
   public double TripPriceFrom { get; set; }

   [DateTime("Campaign end date",
        Description = "Enter end date for the promoted trips campaign",
	DesignerViewTitle = "Campaign settings")]
   public DateTime CampaignEndDate { get; set; }

   [Choice("Featured tours",
	RenderChoicesAs = RenderChoicesAs.DropDown,
	DesignerViewTitle = "Campaign settings")]
   public  CampaignTypeEnum FeaturedCampaignType { get; set; }

	"Select featured regions and destinations",
	DesignerViewTitle = "Campaign settings")]
   public string Regions { get; set; }

flexible widget designer


TabsDesigner is more than a predefined designer one can attach to a widget. It's a declarative approach for creating Sitefinity widget designers. As such, it is extendable to cover your custom requirements.

As it consists of multiple designer views, our generic designer allows you to add additional designer views to the generated tabs. Moreover, you can create custom attributes with own designer components which fit your needs.

TabsDesigner is also easily applied to dynamic modules content widgets.

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